My name is Giorgia Scardini , I was born in Rome (Italy).
I got around jewelry designing as a therapeutic way of relaxation.
 There is nothing like wearing
something that you were just visioning some time earlier...Colors, techniques, materials,
all work harmonically together to give life to a new design.
My favorite materials are Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones and japanese seed beads.

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First one of the Year 2012!!! My "Tesoro Egiziano Necklace"!!





Bead and Beyond  October 2011 issue




Step by Step Wire Magazine, September 2011 issue




Bead and Button Magazine September 2011 issue,

my design is the one at the bottom and is actually named "Alba in Violetto"



 Step by Step Wire Magazine Feb/March 2011



My first publication in the 2008 Step by Step Wire Magazine




Finalist in FMG 2009 Contest, published in their 2010 and 2011 Jewelry Maker's Comprehensive Catalog



As Winner of the 2011 Crystal Challenge, Beadstyle Magazine published my bracelet



Gold Medal Winner in 2010  FMG Crystals Bracelet Category


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Collana Merletto verde

with Czech glass pearls, Swarovski dorado


Collana Merletto Seal
with white opal star shine Swarovski and brown iris Czech fire polished beads


Collana Fiamma burgundy

with Czech glass pearls and dorado Swarovski


Collana Raggi Dorati with Swarovski  Olivine, Jonquil and Dorado



Collana Quadrati inspired by one of my favorite artists Donatella Ciotti.
I chose the contrast of golden shadow and ruby satin Swarovski crystals
and also the 24kt plated japanese Toho seed beads.



Collana Cuoricino Rosso made with red siam, aurum gold and Swarovski pearls.


Collana Cascate con perle mauve



Collana Triangolini with Swarovski bicones peridot satin



Collana Fiore with Swarovski topaz ab and onyx  faceted rondelles


Collana Tesoro Egiziano
 Czech firepolished  6x6mm  beads in bronze and  12mm Picasso turquoise


Collana Ventaglio with faceted Onyx beads




Collana with handblown glass beads from San Diego (CA)








Collana Rettangolo

 4mm Swarovski  bicones silver comet argent
4mm Swarovski pearls powder rose
4mm firepolished pale metallic gold
Miyuki 24kt gold plated seed beads





Collana Lavanda

 4mm Fire-polished lavander ab





Collana Croce Dorata
4mm Fire-polished copper luster
24kt plated size 15 Delica seed beads
6mm  Swarovski pearls gold
4mm bicone crystal clear ab





Collana 3 Palline

 4mm Fire-polished copper luster
24kt plated size 15 Delica seed beads
6mm and 12mm  Swarovski pearls gold
4mm bicone padparadcha







Choker Vittoria

 6x4 rondelles Fire-polished bronze
Ornela metallic dark gold seed beads
10x6 Fire-polished garnet
14mm Rivoli Chili Pepper



Collana Verde latte

 8x6 rondelles Preciosa milky green
4mm firepolished bronze
the picture doesn't make justice to the actual color of the stones.....



Collana Croce Donatella

 4mm Swarovski bicones golden shadow
and ruby satin
4mm firepolished gold





Collana Fiore Cristallo

 12mm Swarovski pearl gold
4mm Swarovski bicones gold
17mm Swarovski Hearts
4mm firepolished copper luster








Collana Ruota verde oliva e oro

 12mm Swarovski rivoli olive green
4mm Swarovski bicones olivine
10mm Swarovski pearls gold
12mm golden Delica bugle beads
6x3 bronze Czech rondelles
4mm firepolished bronze








Collana Margherite Argento

 8mm  round Swarovski opal silver shine
3mm Swarovski bicones clear ab
10mm Swarovski pearls light grey
Czech silver daggers beads
sterling silver toggle clasp


                                                            Collana Occhio Verde                                           
                                                                                          16mm Swarovski rivoli Glacier green                               
                                                                                           4mm Swarovski bicones peridot2abx                       
                                                                                                     4mm firepolished bronze






Collana Cuore

 In this picture I've used 4mm emerald 2abx
Swarovski bicones







Collana Peach and Aventurine
 8mm  round Aventurine beads
6mm bronze firepolished Czech rondelles









Collana Farfalla nera

 10mm  round Murano glass bead
foiled with 24kt gold
3 and 4mm Czech firepolished iris gold
Ornela seed beads black







Collana Rete Nera

 3 and 4mm  firepolished iris gold Czech glass beads
Ornela seed beads black








Collana Rombi golden shadow

 4 and 6mm  Swarovski crystals
4mm firepolished copper luster Czech glass beads





  Collana Medaglione

      3mm  Swarovski crystals metallic dorado
       14 mm rivoli olivine
      antique bronze artistic wire










                                        Murano 24kt gold foiled centerpiece
                                           and Onyx beads









Collana  with Murano 24kt gold foiled centerpiece and Mother-of-pearl beads


Collana  with Murano 24kt gold foiled centerpiece and ruby gemstones







Collana con Hemp

 14mm Swarovski gold pearls
natural hemp
choker style










Collana con Swarovski Pearls

 12mm Swarovski gold pearls
sparkling fancy beads
copper chain
vermeil bead caps







Collana Principessa

 6x4mm Czech firepolished garnet glass beads
size # 11 delica japanese seed beads
15 inches long







Collana Ice

 20mm Swarovski rivoli aquamarine vitrail light
4mm Swarovski cristal clearAB and silver
15 inches long
sterling silver clasp








Collana Sole

 27mm Swarovski  rivoli aquamarine
6mm and 3mm bicones red siam
delica seed bead bronze
spiral rope stitch all along the neckline








Collana Pioggia

 firepolished 3mm Czech glass copper luster
4mm bicone Swarovski emerald 2ABx







Collana Rame

 firepolished 12mm Czech glass
copper luster








Collana Ciclope
Swarovski rivoli 27mm
24k gold plated seed beads
 Ornela beads golden brown
 firepolished Czech glass copper luster






Collana Rombo olivine

6mm round Swarovski
 Ornela beads golden brown





Collana Rettangolare

 Swarovski  jet black
 sterling silver wire






Collana Minerva

 Swarovski rivoli 18mm aquamarine
 firepolished antique golden red
 Ornela beads






Collana fringes

 silver wire bonded to copper core
rose quartz, cherry quartz and
 aventurine beads






Collana Moulin Rouge

 Copper wire color black
4mm Swarovski crystals color indian red






Collana rossa con fringes

Faux coral beads
4mm,6mm and 10mm





Collana Faraone

Copper wire color gold,
4mm Swarovski crystals color sapphire.



Collana Capodanno

Copper wire color black,
4mm Swarovski crystals red siam
3 inches in its widest point

Available also in
sterling silver wire
with black jet Swarovski




Collana Mexican Sun

Copper wire color gold,
4mm Swarovski crystals emerald green,
6mm Swarovski pearls copper.





Collana Piccole Arpe

Sterling silver wire
6mm round Swarovski crystals color montana,
 4mm bicone crystals black diamond
 Its widest point is 3 inches.
 It is 17 inches long .




Collana Crocifisso Nero

Organza ribbon 17 inches long adjustable
 Cross 1- 1/4 inches wide,
1- 1/2 inches high
4mm Swarovski bicone
 black diamond and jet black,
6mm round  Swarovski jet black,
toho beads in gunmetal color


Collana Fiorellini neri e rossi

8mm rounds Swarovski crystals red,
6mm and 4mm in red bicone and jet black
 toho beads matte black 
adjustable lenght


Choker fiore rosso e onyx

Memory wire  
6mm round onyx beads 
4mm and 6mm Swarovski jet black
the flower is approx .3 inches tall
and 2 inches wide



Fiore blu con organza

8x12  blue and black glass beads  
6mm and 4mm Swarovski jet black,
 adjustable lenght,
flower is 3 by 1- 1/2 inches



Collana  Natural  Quartz

10mm and 14mm natural rose quartz beads,
8mm,6mm and 4mm Swarovski crystals red siam,
silver plated findings,
16 inches long






Collana Fiore e Madreperla

Sterling silver wire
7mm mother-of-pearl beads
4mm and 6mm Swarovski indicolite
5.5mm freshwater pearls
10x15mm faceted glass beads,
flower is 3.5 inches long and 2 inches wide




Collana Triangoli verdi

8mm rounds green and gold glass beads
6mm Swarovski pearls gold
4mm Swarovski bicones peridot satin
 toho beads chocolate 
triangle motif  is 1 3/4 by 1 inch,
adjustable length


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