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Anello made with Artistic non-tarnish gold plated wire

and  10mmx10mm Murano , gold foiled glass bead


Anello con Agate Verde




Anello Evil Eye
with Swarovski navette 32x17mm montana, aurum bicones
japanese seed beads nickel finish and czech firepolished lite bronze





Anello Navette 32x17mm with Swarovski emerald green, aurum bicones
japanese seed beads nickel finish and czech firepolished lite bronze





Anello Square
23mm rivoli Tabac and dorado





Anello Square
14mm rivoli Aquamarine and dorado





Anello Fiore Antico
 with 18mm Swarovski green cathedral and lite bronze seed beads





Anello Fiore Antico
with 18mm Swarovski bermuda blue and nickel finish seed beads





Anello Solitario
18mm cushion cut Swarovski crystal Tabac





Anello Corona
18x24 Swarovski Aquamarine, firepolished light bronze




Anello Square
with  Swarovski  checkerboard  tanzanite





Anello Cestino
cushion cut 12mm olivine, firepolished light bronze






Anello Rettangolo
27x18 Swarovski aquamarine





Anello Millepiedi
Czech glass teardrops faux stone finish
light bronze Czech firepolished  on the band with Ornela iris gold seed beads





Anello Osmona natural shell




Anello 18mm Cushion cut Cathedral





18mm Cushion cut Lapis






Anello Ciliegia
ight colorado topaz and ruby satin Swarovski crystals
8.5mm freshwater pearl






Anello Fascia
with crystal clear ab






Anello Rombo
with crystal clear ab (left)  and emerald 2abx (right)






Anello Cagnolino
20% of profit will be sent to the ASPCA organization
available in your color selection and also with a matching pendant





Anello "Rotondo"  
motif approx. 1 inch in diameter
from left: golden shadow, crystal clear ab, vitrail medium and silver comet argent




Anello "Jappo" 
I only use Checz and japanese seed beads.
The one in this picture is made using Swarovski  peridot 2abx





Anelli  "Fiore"  
From left: topaz ab, rose, clear ab, amethyst, siam red ab, aquamarine ab and






Anello Swarovski Vintage Ruby Navette



Vintage Madeira Topaz Navette




Anelli "Flat"

Available in all the colors of the Swarovski rainbow.





                                                 Anello Quadrato                                                    Anello Quadrato
                 4mm Swarovski golden shadow                        4mm Swarovski silver comet argent






Anello "Diva"
a blast of sparkles!




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