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Braccialetto Goccioline




Braccialetto Vittoriano











Braccialetto Scacchi
4mm Swarovski bicones lite metallic gold
Ornela iris metallic gold seed beads
30mm gold plated slide clasp














Braccialetto Zig-zag verde oliva
4mm Swarovski bicones olivine
Ornela iris metallic gold seed beads
Toho permanent finish gold seed beads















Braccialetto Maglia Metallic Blu
6x8 Rondelles metallic blu
Ornela hematite seed beads















Braccialetto Maglia garnet
4mm Swarovski bicones garnet
Ornela iris metallic gold seed beads












Braccialetto Sole
Rivoli 16mm Chile Pepper
4mm bicones Magma
Ornela pearl white seed beads
4mm firepolished lite bronze
Ornela dark gold seed beads













Braccialetto Alba in violetto
18mm rivoli vitrail medium
4mm Fire-polished bronze
4mm Swarovski  bicone rose satin
metallic dark  gold  Ornela








Braccialetto Sole verde oliva
14mm rivoli olivine
4mm Fire-polished pale gold
4mm Swarovski  bicone olivine
metallic dark  gold  Ornela








Braccialetto Perline Lavanda

4mm Fire-polished Lavander ab
6mm Swarovski pearls
metallic dark  gold  Ornela








Braccialetto Farfalle

4mm Swarovski emerald 2abx
metallic dark  gold  Ornela








Donatella piccolo

4mm Swarovski crystal clear ab
gold finished #11 Toho








Cosmic Golden Shadow

14mm Swarovski cosmic crystals
6mm bicones magma







Braccialetto Fascia

4mm Swarovski vitrail medium
#15 Rocailles dark gold








Turkish Round

18mm sterling silver box clasp with Abalone
14gauge sterling silver rings 6mmID
15mm wide









22mm sterling silver box clasp with Abalone
12gauge sterling silver rings 7mmID
12mm wide








 4mm Swarovski peridot 2xAB and blue zircon
6mm blue zircon
6mm firepolished Czech bronze
 antique copper plated toggle clasp
size #11 Ornela Czech seed beads
#15 Rocailles dark gold







Donatella Grande

 4mm Swarovski clear AB
 gold plated lobster clasp
size #11 Delica seed beads 24kt gold plated







Turchese e Cristalli

 6mm Swarovski clear AB
antiqued gold plated lobster clasp
8mm natural turquoise beads
size #11 Ornela Czech glass beads dark gold







Polvere di Stelle

 4mm Swarovski light sapphire 2xAB
gold plated slide clasp
4mm firepolished copper luster








 4mm and 6mm  Czech firepolished bronze
gold plated slide clasp
size #15 Rocailles dark gold







Braccialetto Fringes

 4mm and 6mm  Czech firepolished silver
size #15 Rocailles black







Catenina e perle

 6mm Swarovski pearls bright gold
copper color rolo chain







 5x3 rondelle aquamarine firepolished Czech
ornela Czech glass seed  beads
3/4 inch wide







 3mm Swarovski crystals peridot
hex cut delica seed beads bronze
ornela Czech glass seed  beads
 adjustable length.






Braccialetto Rotondi

 3mm Swarovski crystals indicolite blue
4mm swarovski peridot AB 2x
round motif has 1 inches diameter
 adjustable length.




Braccialetto Rete in peridot
Ornela Czech glass seed beads golden bronze
3mm Swarovski crystals peridot





 Occhi di Gatto
collezione privata





Mexican Sun

copper wire color gold,
4mm Swarovski crystals emerald,
6mm Swarovski pearls color copper.
7 inches in length







copper wire color gold,
4mm Swarovski crystals color sapphire.
7 inches in length







Antico Romano

copper wire color gold,
4mm Swarovski crystals color indian red,
5.5mm freshwater pearls,
Delica beads color gold.
7 inches
Judges' favorite in the 2008 FMG award!!!
Published on "Step by Step Wire Jewelry "
Fall 2009 Issue






Soli e foglioline

 sterling silver wire 20ga
6mm Swarovski crystals color sapphire.
 7 inches in length








Braccialetto Spirale

4mm Swarovski crystals aquamarine
5mm freshwater pearls
20ga sterling silver wire







 Double ladder stitch in red

6mm and 4mm Swarovski crystals
in red and black jet,
Toho and Ornela Czech seed beads in black color
7 inches long and 1-1/4 wide





Bracelet in Rose quartz with red crystals

Sterling silver wire, 
6mm Swarovski crystals red natural rose quartz
14mm natural rose quartz beads,
 is 8 inches long







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